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she's no sharon stone

26 October 1988
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40 year old virgin, alien, american beauty, amy winehouse, anchorman, arcade fire, art, basic instinct, beautiful things, bright colours, bruce almighty, calvin harris, cascada, christina aguilera, cocorosie, csi, css, dancing, datarock, destroying things, dirty dancing, dirty pretty things, drinking, edward scissorhands, ellen degeneres, fake alcohol, film, flashdance, friends, gigs, gillian anderson, goldfrapp, goo goo dolls, good shoes, grand designs, gwen stefani, hot hot heat, house of flying daggers, howling bells, human league, jennifer beals, jon stewart, jorja fox, jurassic park, justin timberlake, kasabian, kate bush, kate moss, keira knightley, kissing girls, klaxons, kt tunstall, l word, ladytron, le tigre, leisha hailey, lena headey, lindsay lohan, little miss sunshine, lovefoxxx, madonna, mark ronson, megan fox, memoirs of a geisha, morrissey, mountains, neon plastix, new young pony club, nice music, no doubt, norway, not sleeping, ok go, one day in september, paris hilton, partying, peaches, portia de rossi, regina spektor, robots in disguise, roxy music, scissor sisters, sharon stone, shiney toy guns, shitdisco, silence of the lambs, skinny dipping, skins, sophie ellis bextor, sparkly things, stealing from construction sites, stefy, stephen colbert, steve carell, superthriller, tegan and sara, the 80's, the constant gardener, the daily show, the dirtmitts, the gossip, the grates, the hives, the killers, the long blondes, the murmurs, the noisettes, the organ, the postal service, the prototypes, the smiths, the streets, the sunshine underground, the yeah yeah yeahs, timbaland, transformers, travelling, twister, uffie, uh huh her, united 93, water, white rose movement, x-files